Engineered for Maximum Use

Eurotan AP Indoor Flooring is the ultimate synthetic sports floor: it brings together the benefits of a seamless surface construction in harmony with a factory manufactured basemat system. This combination eliminates any areas of potential weaknesses and surpasses many traditional systems in the marketplace. Eurotran AP has superb design flexibility to create the best flooring system for your facilities' needs. It is versatile and durable with low maintenance and long lifespan.

Eurotran Ap offers maximum versatility and performance:

Eurotan AP is an excellent surface for all kinds of activities. It offers a good balance of shock absorbency and quick play that make it ideal for sports and recreation.
Eurotan AP can be engineered to provide specific performance characteristics and meet test standards by adjusting the cushioning system. A 6mm basemat provides speed and excellent ball rebound. Thicker basemats meet DIN standards and enhance force reduction, resiliency and shock absorption.

Every Eurotan AP Indoor Flooring system is custom engineered to offer:

  • Excellent player safety and comfort
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Predictable resiliency
  • Superior deformation recovery
  • Exceptional sound and shock absorbency

Eurotran AP is tough, resilient and easy to maintain. It is engineered for consistent, high quality performance with long wear and low maintenance. Eurotran AP features:

  • Seamless construction
  • Durable, easy-to-clean top layer
  • Non-slip surface
  • Environmentally safe materials (mercury & heavy metal free)
  • Even distribution of point load.

Eurotan ML is a fully-depth polyurethane track system with proven quality and durability. It is designed for all levels of competition.

You' ll get the added value and performance only Eurotan ML offers:

  • Maximizes athletic performance in competition
  • Designed for quick installation, easy maintenance
  • all-weather performance
  • wide variety of colors
  • supported by comprehensive warranty
  • meets IAAF requirements
  • environmentally safe and recyclable
  • Durable, easy-to-clean top layer


Especially on playgrounds with swing and climbing apparatus, it is our first priority to consider accident and injury prevention. Children are sometimes unpredictable and cannot see the dangers facing them. Many tears can b avoided using specially designed surfacing. With the combination of surface colouring and design a pleasing atmosphere can be created for the child.








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