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Imitators come and go...
choose the proven performace of AstroTurf Golf Mats

Golfers prefer Astro Golf Mats. These lush green mats give the player the feel of hitting of fairways and tees with the ball and feet on the same level.

AstroTurf, the golfer's choice, is noted for its high resistance to wear and easy maintenance. AstroTurf is made of tough nylon grass blades, with a knitted fabric and cushion pad system designed to absorb club head shock. AstroTurf Golf Mats remain resilient and resist fatique after stroke. Don't gamble on imitations.

AstroTurf Golf Mat Product Description

Dimensions: Up to 147.32 cm
                   x 147.32cm

Weight:Up to 66.138kg.

Thickness: 3.175cm (with pad)

1.5875cm insert holes for rubber tees are centered on all sides and positioned 16.51cm inside the mat edge.

Bottom side of holes are countersunk to accept base or rubber tee.

System composed of new and improved AstroTurf playing surface used in professional sports including a shock absorbing pad.

Package in units of five.

To distribute wear, you AstroTurf Golf Mat should be periodically rotated to use all available tee holes positions. Mats should also be periodically relocated to equalize mat-to-mat use.


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